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Relating to Cartesius, latinized form of Descartes.


Relating to the philosophy, methods or coordinates of (Des)cartes, who proposed the notion of a mind-body dualism (‘ghost in the machine’) which has haunted medical thought ever since, but which is now beginning to be rejected by many of those with enough interest to consider the matter. (Rene Descartes, 1596–1650, French mathematician and philosopher)


René, French philosopher, mathematician, physiologist, 1596-1650.
cartesian - relating to Cartesius, latinized form of Descartes.
Descartes law - for two given media, the sine of the angle of incidence bears a constant relation to the sine of the angle of refraction. Synonym(s): law of refraction
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While Leibniz's explanatory innovations impact his treatment of all mental phenomena, nowhere is the tension between the Cartesian and Leibnizian theories of mind felt more acutely than in their respective accounts of sensation, which provides the focus for this essay.
With this new Cartesian series we're seeing more capabilities being put into the hands of our customers, reducing their need to spend engineering time up front," said Nigel Smith, CEO of TM Robotics.
However, and this is the decisive point of Hassing's analysis, we are to pursue these goods not just in the form of an individual ethical project, as for example the ancient Stoics, but through the historical perfecting of human nature itself by means of the new Cartesian science.
n] - 1 in the Cartesian plane and the resulting n-roots which invariably appear in the Argand plane.
This philosophical closet drama stresses the centrality of Cornelian Wonder (Admiration) over the traditional Pity and Fear of Aristotle, thus planting the new Cartesian philosophy firmly in English theatrical soil.
Today, a 5-axis all-servo Cartesian robot can offer many of the same parts-handling capabilities as a 6-axis articulated-arm robot, but does so in a configuration that will be familiar to anyone who has used 3-axis robots.
The Rayleigh, Rician, Nakagami, Bessel K, and Weibull distributions are believed to be the most relevant models for the distribution of the Cartesian field amplitude in the RC.
In Section 1), we shall more deeply analyse the parallelism with cartesian closedness and we shall strictly elucidate the relationship with the classical notion of centralizer, in such a way that, when a unital category C is regular, any change of base functor [[tau].
To contribute to the debate about the so-called 'death of man', in the intermezzo between chapters 3 and 4, Bax briefly explains what has gone wrong in the arguments of Frank and Murdoch when they ultimately try to conclude that 'the demise of the Cartesian ego undermines the very possibility of ethics' (75).
ATM still sees a demand for their range of ES three axis Cartesian robot systems, however, the company says even this type of robot is being integrated into ever more sophisticated systems.
The multipole expansions in Cartesian coordinates are easy to handle for the first multipoles, but for higher order multipoles one has to decompose the tensors into irreducible representations of the rotation group SO(3) [6].
tries to show that many of Bultmann's contemporary critics treat him as a Cartesian thinker and thereby offer criticisms that largely miss the mark.