carrier wave

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carrier wave,

n the medium through which signals and energy are delivered from one body to another.
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If the information is imbued with the sender's own idiosyncrasies, their carrier wave will be less likely to be able to be shared.
NTT DoCoMo plans to increase the number of carrier waves per relay station to up to 12 to enhance i-mode service connection capacity, the officials said.
Freescale's product significantly improved our overall base station efficiency by providing highly efficient DSP cores and accelerators, allowing us to provide the industry's highest number of TD-SCDMA carrier waves in a base station and increased system flexibility.
To solve these issues, existing 400G systems use multiple aggregated carrier waves, that is, multiple sub-carrier waves are aggregated to form a super channel.
Electronic phase modulation of this kind will work well with fairly long-term processes, but electronic carrier waves have fairly low frequencies.
It optimizes the transport capacities of optical fiber and tremendously extends distances spanned by optical carrier waves.
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