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Alexis, French-U.S. surgeon and Nobel laureate, 1873-1944. See: Carrel treatment, Carrel-Lindbergh pump, Dakin-Carrel treatment.
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Some graduate study carrels have been targeted for redesign into new classrooms, group study, and office spaces.
There are more than 100 carrels on the top floor of the university library, and according to Sara, a 23-year-old biology student, many of them are being used for sex.
The higher rate includes the privilege of reserving screening carrels in advance.
Funding for shelving falls into the loose furniture category, which also includes all library technical furniture (tables, carrels, chairs, atlas stands, etc.
Carrels and Shelving have been updated with a new hardwood edge option
Scope of quantity or scope: There will be converted from fitness to study carrels for students.
The old picture of the college library, stacked with books, magazines and study carrels as the campus center of learning, is somewhat blurred.
The 'library as a landscape' is a succinctly organized microcosm in which each fold has been given over to one faculty consisting of a service core, book storage space, reading tables and carrels which can be booked for individual studying.
The state-of-the-art learning environment features significant increases in study carrels, complete wireless access, and increased PC access with internet and power ports located throughout the building.
Six computers in the carrels near the upstairs south-facing windows have been substituted with new models that have bigger 23-inch monitors.
The wireless connection works throughout the building, including the meeting room, reading room, children's room and study carrels.