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Coronary Artery Revascularisation Prophylaxis. A trial that investigated whether there are any benefits to performing coronary artery revascularisation by either CABG or percutaneous coronary intervention before undertaking major elective vascular surgery—e.g., abdominal aortic aneurysm repair or severe arterial occlusive disease involving the legs
Conclusion The study found no benefits
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Carper and Hunt are not uncritical romanticists and supporters of the tradition they uphold.
Because his old boss, Carper, is known as a believer in free markets, Jones already has good relationships with much of the business community.
"Key insights come from consumers, retailers, distributors, chain restaurants and foodservice operators," notes Carper. "Consumers and retailers alike expect us to come up with new and innovative products that still deliver on the same promises the Tyson name has come to mean--quality, trusted products I can feed to both family and friends."
Carper enjoyed travel, camping, gardening, dance and spending time with her family.
avant-garde should be warned that Carper's poetry consistently
Although Carper is not a vegetarian, she acknowledges that there is a "vegetarian advantage." "Nothing looks surer in the food pharmacy," she writes, "than the powers of fruits and vegetables to ward off disease and prolong life.
Carper and Durbin also introduced the Military and Veterans Education Protection Act (S.
MANILA -- President Aquino held an emergency meeting with leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives Thursday morning to ensure the approval of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms (Carper) by June 11 this year.
Cebu City -- Regional Director Stephen Leonidas of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR-7) assured farmers in Central Visayas whose lands have yet to be distributed under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program with Extension and Reform (CARPER) that they would receive the land title as promised.
Tom Carper (D-Del.), chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee's Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee, said that there were "all kinds of ideas" floating around Capitol Hill on infrastructure.
With five Washington players manning the infield and playing in, Max Popken then hit a one-hopper that Washington shortstop Jack Carper stabbed with pinch runner Christopher Drbal breaking for home.