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George Alfred, British physician, 1859-1910. See: Carpenter syndrome.
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what a great man he be, this carpenter fellow." mumbled Scipio, down in his throat.
Pyncheon had been impatiently awaiting Maule's arrival, black Scipio, of course, lost no time in ushering the carpenter into his master's presence.
On the entrance of Scipio, ushering in the carpenter, Mr.
The carpenter, however, stepped at once to the hearth, and turned himself about, so as to look Mr.
"Matthew Maule," replied the carpenter,--"son of him who built the house,--grandson of the rightful proprietor of the soil."
Pyncheon," said the carpenter, "in a man's natural resentment for the wrongs done to his blood, you are welcome to it."
Pyncheon, after pausing a moment, as if to consider what the carpenter's smile might mean, "appeared to be on the very verge of a settlement and full allowance, at the period of my grandfather's decease.
"You never took a prize in anything," said Miss Carpenter.
"Serves you right for prompting her," said Miss Carpenter. "She was always a double-faced cat; and you ought to have known better."
"Well, then," said Gertrude, afraid to press the point, but determined not to record first, "let Jane Carpenter begin.
"I have broken the rules by sliding down the banisters to-day with Miss Carpenter and Miss Wylie.
"This evening Gertrude Lindsay and Jane Carpenter met me at the top of the stairs, and said they wanted to slide down the banisters and would do it if I went first.