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tenderness along the course of the carotid artery.
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Pain caused by pressure on the carotid artery.
Synonym(s): carotidynia
[G. odynē, pain]
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Sluder syndrome

A type of headache/neuralgia characterised by vague pain of the nose and orbit (supplied by the maxillary division of the 5th cranial nerve), with extension to the rest of face and shoulders and neck. While it was attributed to irritation of the sphenopalatine ganglion, it is not regarded as a disease a sui generis and has been subsumed under cluster headache.
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Carotidynia is a symptom of unilateral vascular neck pain which was first described by Temple Fay in 1927.(1) The cardinal physical finding is tenderness on palpation of the carotid artery.
In Lovshin's series, as in many others, no serious organic conditions were found among patients presenting with carotidynia, and all were treated symptomatically.
The pain of carotidynia is most often unilateral and localized to the neck, although radiation to the face, ear, or malar region is not uncommon.
Carotidynia Acute pharyngitis Peritonsillar abscess Dental disease Temporomandibular joint syndrome Lymphadenitis Submandibular gland disease Myositis/myalgia Histamine cephalgia Sinusitis Thyroiditis Tumor of tongue, salivary gland, or larynx Neuralgia The pain in Eagle's syndrome(6) (facial pain caused by an elongated styloid process) can be reproduced by finger pressure along the base of the tongue.
Carotidynia is a symptom based on a characteristic complaint accompanied by a unique physical finding.
Reported causes of carotidynia include migraine,(9) viral or postinfection,(10) giant cell (temporal) arteritis,(11) carotid artery dissection,(12) carotid artery aneurysm,(13) and total carotid artery occlusion.(14) The first two causes are the most common and the most benign.