carotid-cavernous fistula

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ca·rot·id-·cav·ern·ous fis·tu·la

a fistulous communication, of spontaneous or traumatic origin, between the cavernous sinus and the traversing internal carotid artery; a pulsating unilateral exophthalmos and a detectable cranial bruit are common manifestations.

ca·rot·id-cav·ern·ous fis·tu·la

(kă-rot'id-kav'ĕr-nŭs fis'chū-lă)
A fistulous communication between the cavernous sinus and the traversing internal carotid artery, of spontaneous or traumatic origin; common manifestations are a pulsating unilateral exophthalmos and a detectable cranial bruit.
Synonym(s): caroticocavernous fistula.
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