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Ground meal of the fruit of Ceratonia siliqua; used in many regions as an adsorbent-demulcent in the treatment of diarrhea.
Synonym(s): carob flour, locust gum
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The objective of this study was to formulate an acceptable functional spread using carob flour and to investigate the textural, sensorial, colour, and nutritional properties of the spreads.
As shown in Table 1, different amounts of carob flour (CF) and hydrogenated palm oil (HPO) were blended with a constant content (80%, w/w).
Although particle size reduction, the carob flour samples had greater particle size than cocoa powders (1830 [micro]m).
This result was expected since the dark coloured carob flour was the major component of carob spread formulations and directly influenced the product colour.
[8] have demonstrated that the carob flour has dark and reddish colour and decreases lightness, greenness, and yellowness values.
On the other hand, due to antioxidant potential of carob flour, it could delay lipid peroxidation and thus it could enhance the product shelf life.
Carob flour is generally submitted to thermal processing, mainly roasting, to obtain characteristic sensory features.