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An order of chiefly flesh-eating mammals that includes the cats, dogs, bears, civets, minks, and hyenas, as well as the raccoon and panda; some species are omnivorous or herbivorous.
[L. carnivorus, fr. caro (carn-), flesh, + voro, to devour]


Fringe oncology
An extract of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) patented by a German physician, Helmut Keller, which he believed to be effective against cancer.


an order of EUTHERIAN mammals containing bears, weasels, wolves, cats and seals, most of which have small, sharp incisors, large pointed canine teeth (for piercing flesh), and CARNASSIAL TEETH.

carnivora (kär·niˑ·v·r),

n a phytonutrient derived from the juice of the insectivorous plant, Venus Flytrap
(Dionaea muscipula). Has been used to treat chronic diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV, and herpes infections.
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Los ordenes mas ricos son Chiroptera (66 especies), Rodentia (24), Carnivora (19) y Primates (15) (Figura 4).
El orden Carnivora es uno de los grupos de animales que ha llamado mas fuertemente la atencion del ser humano (Ginsberg 2001) y, con 71 especies amenazadas a nivel global (UICN 2011), constituye uno de los taxa en mayor peligro del mundo.
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longitud estandar muestran una tendencia diferente, indicando que la sabaleta presenta caracteristicas propias de una especie carnivora puesto que las especies herbivoras tienden a registrar un intestino mas largo que las carnivoras (21).
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aRt at 540 West 28th continues to host CARNIVORA, a debut exhibition by artist Jason Covert.
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Los dientes sectoriales mas nombrados son el par carnasial o carnicero de algunos miembros del orden Carnivora (canidos, felidos, etc.
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Still, we are proud members of Class Mammalia, Order Carnivora, Family Felidae.