carnitine acetyltransferase

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car·ni·tine a·ce·tyl·trans·fer·ase

an enzyme found in mitochondria that catalyzes the reversible transfer of an acetyl group from acetyl-CoA to carnitine, forming O-acetylcarnitine and coenzyme A. Acetylcarnitine is an important fuel source in sperm.


coenzyme of fatty acid oxidation and acetyl transfer; often designated vitamin BT, due to its vitamin role in Tenebrio sp. Present in high concentrations (5% dry weight) in meat extracts.

carnitine acetyltransferase
enzyme associated with buffering of acetyl groups from acetyl CoA.
carnitine deficiency
associated with myocardial disease in dogs, particularly Boxers.
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The lack of evident effects of L-carnitine on platelets from healthy persons and the presence of significant stimulatory effects on cytoplasmic acetyl-CoA amounts and platelet function in platelets from diabetic patients indicate that activation of acetyl-CoA transport to the cytoplasm through the carnitine acetyltransferase pathway plays a principal role in excessive platelet activity in diabetes (Fig.
of observations 21 20 Carnitine acetyltransferase 14.
2), carnitine acetyltransferase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (EC 1.