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J. Aldan, U.S. pathologist, *1934. See: Carney complex.
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The Carneys Point Generating Plant, located on the grounds of the DuPont Chambers Works facility in Carneys Point Township, N.
By choosing to employ leading-edge emission control technology like SCR and other modern environmental systems, we were able to win community support and trust for the project as well as meet state regulators' objectives," said PG&E Gen Vice President for Environmental Affairs Mark Carney.
Local attorney Michael Paxton, a Carney supporter, said the prosecutors' decision to drop the case was appropriate.
Carney supporter Herb Nero, a local television talk show host, said he wasn't surprised by the prosecutors' decision.
After being released on $500,000 bail in May to await trial, Carney said he found it uncomfortable at times to leave his house.
You don't hear the phone ringing with people asking me, inviting me to parties,'' Carney said with a laugh.
As far as how he will find living in the same neighborhood with some of his accusers, Carney said, ``I won't find anything at all.
Carney said he will not run for elective office again.
I don't know really what they thought I was going to do,'' Carney said.
They were only following their orders,'' Carney said.
Carney said he entered a graffiti-marred cell and left it a clean one.
Kathleen Carney said she was relieved the trial is over.