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J. Aldan, U.S. pathologist, *1934. See: Carney complex.
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Carney retired in December 2014 after being diagnosed with cancer.
In addition to its operating anniversary, the Carneys Point plant is also celebrating significant safety accomplishments.
Carneys Point has been actively involved in the local community.
The Carneys Point Generating Plant, located on the grounds of the DuPont Chambers Works facility in Carneys Point Township, N.
By choosing to employ leading-edge emission control technology like SCR and other modern environmental systems, we were able to win community support and trust for the project as well as meet state regulators' objectives," said PG&E Gen Vice President for Environmental Affairs Mark Carney.
Those things have been taken from me,'' Carney said.
One of the victims and her mother have filed a civil lawsuit against Carney.
Just because they are suing me civilly doesn't make what they're saying is true,'' Carney said.
Carney appeared in good humor as he talked about his case and the impact it has had on his life.
While waiting for Carney to come down for an interview with a reporter, Kathleen fielded calls from her Avon customers, telling them the good news and taking a congratulatory call from a neighbor.
Kathleen Carney said she was relieved the trial is over.
I look ahead and think positive,'' Kathleen Carney said.