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Plural of caro.
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CARNES Y PESCADOS: Ingiere pescado al menos dos veces por semana y evita consumir mucha carne roja.
From the first paragraph of Natalie Carnes' Christological reflection on images, which refers to the attack in 2015 on the offices of the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, it is clear that she wants to set this discussion in the context of modern, and global, image controversies.
In Carnes' view, this "love" invites an attachment to its illegitimate source, constituting no less than a shattering betrayal and a dynamic so deep as to require tauma-focused and informed healing.
"The language of 16-7.2-5(b) clearly and unambiguously requires the local school district in which a student attending the Met School resides to pay the local, per-pupil cost of that student to the Met School," Carnes wrote.
Apesar de serem fontes de proteina de alto valor biologico e possuirem teor elevado de micronutrientes, especialmente ferro, zinco e vitamina B12, as carnes tendem a ser ricas em gorduras, especialmente saturadas, e quando consumidas em excesso representam risco para o incremento de doencas cronicas nao transmissiveis (DCNT) (4,5).
Na populacao brasileira o consumo de carnes com gordura visivel foi observado em 32,0% da populacao adulta das capitais brasileiras, com predominancia no sexo masculino (Brasil, 2017).
Nicholas Carnes's The Cash Ceiling aims to answer daunting questions, and skillfully follows through.
In the US, Carnes shows, elections have a built-in "cash ceiling," a series of structural barriers that make it almost impossible for the working class to run for public office.
Phoenix, AZ, June 23, 2018 --( The Alliance for Innovation today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Joel Carnes as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the U.S.
Shawn Carnes, the founder of Nashville Underground Artist Management, spoke with ( Billboard  about what it takes to fill the empty slots on the show and how the contestants are treated throughout the process.
Menos carnes rojas y procesadas: una dieta con elevado consumo en carnes rojas y productos procesados (salchichas, embutidos y carnes frias) elevan el riesgo de cancer colorrectal.
La performance consistia en "carnes" colgadas por los pies por medio de una tela blanca, vestidos con una falda de gasa, que dejaba al estar "de cabeza" ver sus vientres, genitales y piernas, mientras la cabeza, los brazos y el pecho estaban cubiertos.