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Plural of caro.
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Tambien puedes preparar salsas a base de verduras y especias sin sal para dar sabor a estofados de carnes rojas o blancas, o como acompanamiento de carnes a la plancha.
Segundo Rodrigues (2009) de modo geral as carnes sao vistas pelos consumidores como alimentos nobres, de qualidade e que atendem as necessidades nutricionais do ser humano moderno, que se preocupa em buscar maior expectativa de vida e com mais saude.
Carnes is clearly an author passionately committed to getting the word out to the public on this topic, and he is already planning follow-up books he intends to write.
As a result, the clinic is liable to the insurance company for payments made on claims for services that were never provided, Carnes wrote.
Carnes was part of a crew working on the Oregon State Penitentiary grounds, while McGinnis was working near Bush Park in Salem.
Los investigadores concluyeron que las carnes procesadas, como embutidos, tocino y salchichas, entre otras, se han clasificado como cancerigenos de nivel 1, grupo compuesto por sustancias como el cigarrillo, de los que se tiene evidencia de que causan cancer.
As carnes, especialmente as vermelhas e as processadas [tambem conhecidas como embutidos (salsichas, salames, presuntos e etc.
Carnes stressed that Art Masters boasts sound fundamentals and is a nice complement to Glen Carnes' current portfolio of firms with strong cash flows and potential for growth and profitability.
In their paper "Familiness and Innovation: Resource Bundling as the Missing Link" Carnes and Ireland (2013) describe how three resource bundling processes have different mediating effects on the relationship between familiness and innovation.
In fulfilling the duties of the office, Chief Judge Carnes becomes the highest-ranking judicial officer in the 11th Circuit and fills one of the 11th Circuit's two positions on the Judicial Conference of the United States, the principal policymaking organization for the United States courts.
We just want everyone to be safe,” said Cherly Carnes, administrator at Lincoln Park Care Center.