carline thistle

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car·line this·tle

(kahr'lēn this'ĕl)
Herbal made from Carlina acaulis; of purported therapeutic value in antisepsis and in treating menstrual disorders; seizures in users have been reported.
Synonym(s): felon herb, mugwort.
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Yma hefyd roedd Ysgallen Siarl (Carlina vulgaris; carline thistle).
The herb -- so heaven sent -- was the Carline thistle. From the time of the Norman conquest until the late 17 th century it was regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac and a cure for impotence.
Mae'r planhigion sy'n tyfu yma, rhai fel ysgallen Siarl (Carlina vulgaris; carline thistle) a'r rhwyddlwyn pigfain (Veronica spicata; spiked speedwell) yn hoffi amodau'r garreg galch - ychydig iawn o nitrogen a llawer o galch.