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A class B felony (US) defined as the intentional or knowing taking of a motor vehicle from the possession of another by use of (1) a deadly weapon; or (2) force or intimidation
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Another man also tries to open the car, repeatedly punching the glass, before the carjacker speeds off with the Golf.
The two carjackers then tried to run off, but police at a station a mere block away from the scene heard the gunshots and saturated the area.
But the carjackers were forced to flee before her screams alerted passers-by.
Last week carjackers Adam Mew and Gerrard Ward were jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for beating a terrified cleaner, bundling him into the boot of his car and driving off.
The RAC's campaigning arm, the RAC Foundation, said carjackers tended to target such items as mobile phones, expensive watches or laptop computers.
Friends praised her brave actions and branded the wouldbe carjackers "scum".
A POLICE chief vowed yesterday to tackle carjackers warning: "We will hunt them down.
Nozomu, who is here on a business trip, was stopped by three carjackers on the Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway and beaten up before the miscreants tried to flee with the hired radio taxi.
The person sending text messages to a woman riding with the two suspected carjackers was actually Detective Sgt.
CARJACKERS drove off in a taxi after threatening a driver as he dropped off a mother and her son.
Terry (Bruce Byron, above) and Max come to blows when they try to solve a case in which two carjackers dragged a woman from her vehicle and stabbed her to death.
A DOCTOR was punched and pinned to the floor when he was targeted by carjackers in a Coventry street.