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Far'ah (north), Tell el-: NEAEHL 2: 440 (carinated Assyrian bowls); Singer-Avitz 2007: 184-85 (carinated bowls, Assyrian influence), but Na'aman and Thareani-Sussely 2006: 64; Zorn 1993: 218; Stem 2001: 33 ("bathtub" coffins).
--Propodeal spiracle nearly vertical; anterior border of clypeus "v" or "u" shaped, sharp carina present on clypeus, partially carinated, or lacking carina; head subquadrate or suborbicular (CI 82.75-100); fourth abdominal segment slightly rough or sculptured ...
Extant Hexapus morphotypes seem to represent the most ancestral pollinating agaonines of Ficus, because among other pleisiomorphic characters: 1- the females do not possess a gular bridge composed of carinated sclerite, as assumed by Rasplus et al.
(42) Ceramics from the layer contemporary with the construction of the brick temple are cord-marked or incised fine earthenware, including carinated pots.
Birds on the rim: A unique Lapita carinated vessel in its wider context.
What does not seem to be offered in any of these three chapters (V, VI, VII) is a straightforward discussion of the mechanism(s) by which pottery shapes (e.g., carinated cups with certain rim shapes and straight-sided bowls) traditionally associated with Middle Assyrian influence or occupation would he present in Level 7, a claim made in chapters IV (pp.
979) reported this species from New Caledonia and illustrated a shell with a more angulated periphery but still not as carinated as illustrated here.
This species can be distinguished by a single row of punctures along claval suture, and by the pronotum laterally carinated. General coloration dull yellowish; head slightly punctured with darker areas around juga; antenna and rostrum ochraceus, with base and apex of antennal segments paler; pronotum evenly punctured, with anterior margin and carina impunctated; scutellum strongly punctated, except the V shape that is pale; pleura densely punctured; legs ochraceus, with apex of tibia and all tarsi dark brown.
2) with long and stout process producing backward, longitudinally carinated above, with apex truncated and this surface medially impressed, laterally with apical side lobes produced ventrally.
The most notable example is a one-handled miniature jug with concave spreading neck and carinated belly, the bottom of which bears the negative impressions of plain-cloth weave (37, Fig.