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Propodeum expanded with carinate lateral crests well developed (in comparison with Glyptobasia) in dorsal view (Fig.
31) Upper margin of propodeum laterally with row of pits and/or posterior margin of propodeal spiracle distinctly carinate (1); without row of pits and margin of spiracle not carinate (0).
Sternites II-VII rugulose, sparsely granulose and with lateral margins slightly carinate, V-VII often with a median pair of tubercles (most prominent on VII).
Head, reticulate, carinate to slightly rugose, barely pubescent; in dorsal view approximately 2.
However, the sherds in grave 70 may be earlier in date, since they resemble for instance pinched carinate vessels from fortified settlements in Lithuania, which are locally classified among the striated ceramics (e.
The species can be easily separated from other species of the genus by having the genal margin carinate, frontogenal carina not reaching eye margin, hind femur with a row of minute denticles on 3 lobes to middle of femur.
The dorsal valve is weakly convex with a shallow sulcus between the middle primary costae, ventral valve slightly carinate (Fig.
1 mm long, free, glabrous, white except for the red apex, the adaxial ones carinate with keels decurrent on the ovary, the abaxial one obtusely if at all carinate; petals narrowly lanceolate, apex acuminate to acute, suberect at anthesis, 18-25 x 4 mm, free, purple, bearing 2 irregularly digitate-lacerate appendages 6-8 mm above the base.
The rostrum is wide, flat, subspatulate, almost as long as the thorax, scale covered and carinate on the basal third.
Propodeum distinctly carinate, with a wide central pentagonal areola (Fig.