caries susceptible

ca·ries sus·cep·ti·ble

(karēz sŭ-septi-bĕl)
1. Tooth surfaces that present a risk for developing decay
2. Said of an individual who is at risk for developing decay of the teeth
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The term pit and fissure sealant (FS) describes a material introduced into occlusal pits and fissures of caries susceptible teeth, forming a micromechanically-bonded, protective layer denying access of a caries-producing bacteria from their source of nutrients [Simonsen, 2002].
With proper placement and maintenance, a sealant has proven longevity and will protect the caries susceptible pits and fissures of the tooth from decay.
However, none of the socio-demographic or behavioural variables, including the confirmed risk indicators, had enough predictive power to be considered as risk predictors for identifying caries susceptible children (the model with the highest predictive power reached a sensitivity+specificity level of 131).
Por consiguiente, las condiciones hiperglucemicas y no las asociadas al sexo parecen incrementar la formacion de caries en las ratas WBN/KobSlc caries susceptibles (42).