caries risk assessment

car·ies risk as·sess·ment

(karēz risk ă-sesmĕnt)
Procedure to predict future dental caries development before the onset of disease.
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ICCMS[TM] is a recently agreed comprehensive system integrating caries risk assessment, staging of lesions and tooth preserving management of tooth decay.
Caries Risk Assessment (B) Disease Active, cavitated lesion Indicators Enamel lesion Restorations in the last three years White spots/demineralization Risk High level of caries bacteria Factors (as determined by culture) Heavy plaque Deep pits and fissures Xerostomia/Dry mouth Use of medications known to induce xerostomia Orthodontic appliances Exposed root surfaces Diet: snacking; sugar-sweetened beverage, sports/energy drink consumption Recreational drug use Protective Fluoride Factors Access to and consumption of fluoridated water on a daily basis Uses fluoridated toothpaste and/or mouthrinses Professional fluoride use--varnish or other topical Xylitol use Calcium phosphate product use Presence of sealants Adequate saliva flow Healthy diet Table VI.
There is evidence that involving primary care providers in administering select preventive dental services such as application of fluoride varnish, caries risk assessment, anticipatory guidance, and referral to a dental home are effective measures in preventing childhood caries.
Comparison of a new chairside test for caries risk assessment with established methods in children.
Bratthal D, et al (2002), Evaluation of a computer program for caries risk assessment in schoolchildren.
Chapters on diagnostics examine topics such as genomic targets in saliva, the role of saliva in detection of substance abuse, and dental caries risk assessment.
CARIES RISK ASSESSMENT AND PREVENTION: Strategies for Head Start, Early Head Start, and WIC.
Dentists often use Caries Risk Assessment (CRA) in their clinical practices, but usually only on an intuitive level.
The intention of CAMBRA is to not only perform a caries risk assessment but to manage the infection based on risk level as part of an overall patient care plan.
Caries Risk Assessment for Allied Dental Professionals, Course Code: 6335
In 2009, Access published two articles on caries risk assessment (CRA) and caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA).
Key words: Caries susceptibility, Caries risk assessment, Caries prediction, Lactobacilli, Candida