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It assists in the rapid diagnosis and treatment of common psychiatric conditions frequently encountered in a primary care setting. Though broad in scope and evidence-based, it is neither comprehensive nor definitive in its recommendations, and is intended for to help decision-making in a busy primary care setting where mental health support is often under-resourced.
This comprehensive book is well organized and covers many of the complex issues faced within the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model and primary care setting: from uncontrolled type II diabetes to posttraumatic stress disorder.
-- The National Association of Chain Drug Stores is partnering with the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin to advance a new practice model for improving patient access to quality and efficient care and extending pharmacy in a broader health care setting.
The project brings together psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and policy analysts to offer effective ways to provide team-based behavioral health services in the primary care setting.
The results for the split samples with respect to cost of care by setting were similar to those for the full sample, suggesting that patient severity does not interact with care setting and does not bias our conclusions.
athenahealth announced the extension of its services into the acute care setting in early 2015 with the acquisitions of Razorlnsights and webOMR.
([paragraph]) A health care setting is one that provides both medical diagnostic and treatment services (e.g., inpatient facilities, outpatient facilities, and emergency departments).
We incorporate methods from the value added literature in education research into a health care setting to present the first value added estimates of health care providers in the literature.
Part 1 outlines the features of the acute care setting describing the importance and documentation standards for maintaining medical records.
Clinical mental health counselors can benefit greatly from knowledge, skills, and awareness about the primary care setting and possible relationships with primary care physicians and other medical care providers.