care coordinator

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care coordinator

The person in an organisation who is responsible for ensuring that a patient gets needed health and social services.

Approved Mental Health Professionals, community mental health nurses, social workers or occupational therapists.

care co·or·di·nat·or

(kār kō-ōr'di-nā-tŏr)
A health care provider who has been assigned a caseload of clients and has the responsibility of organizing the care provided. Generally responsible for organizing home care and insurance validation.
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The care coordinator measures the patient's progress by recording completion progress toward goals.
From the time you're diagnosed, we are available as a dedicated member of your cancer care team and can help facilitate personalized cancer care for you and your family," says Melanie O'Hara, RN, one of three Cancer Care Coordinators at the Virginia G.
We have seen a dramatic increase in consumers who have bought an individual insurance product through the exchange having trouble getting their enrollment correct and claims to be paid correctly," said Linda Butti, RN, one of the care coordinators who tackled the Georgia situation.
Conference Focus: The critical role of embedded care coordinators in population risk management as well as results achieved, including the following:
The integrated team will include a primary care provider, psychiatrist, behavioral health specialist, patient care coordinator, peer support specialists, community health RNs, certified alcohol and drug counselor, among others.
A Having hired a care coordinator for my mother, I am a big advocate of that benefit.
Nagele currently works as the medical consultant to the health care coordinator of the archdiocese of Mombasa, Kenya, and oversees 19 health units.
It wasn't until after his fourth suicide attempt that he was finally assigned a care coordinator who took the trouble to work out a care plan with him so he was able to begin his journey towards recovery.
Wayne Bartlett, urgent and emergency care coordinator at NHS Warwickshire, said: "We want the public to think before they go to A&E or call 999.
We have a full time bereavement care coordinator, and parents are afforded the opportunity to spend time with their child in our bereavement suite.
of Care Coordinator, 119 Belmont St, Worcester MA 01605.