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Looking at it from his market's perspective, Paul Guth, president and COO of Artromick, vendor of automated medication management systems for long-term care, noted, "Artromick has noticed a move toward the investigation of technology and how both pharmacy automation and mobile clinical management software can help the pharmacy and facility thrive in this challenging business environment." As it stands, he added, "Medicare reimbursement pressures have driven the dispensing process into an antiquated model that is wasteful," and "nurses are requesting a [streamlined] medication management system," to which the market has not fully responded, with 30-day medication supplies still the norm.
How did health care benefits come to join vacation time and pension plans as job perks?
Traditional managed care brought many positive things to the health-care industry over the past three decades, including improved quality of care and reduced costs, Domaszewicz said.
Looking ahead, the challenge is whether and how much the VA will pay for long-term care in each of the three nursing home settings.
Any business that pays all or a portion of its employees' health care premiums is struggling under the costs.
Privacy concerns also influence where adolescents go for health care, (9) can deter them from communicating openly with providers, (10) and can make them reluctant to accept services such as pelvic examinations and testing for STDs.
Bua said CareScout uses government survey inspection data and distills it into a meaningful format for consumers, which makes it easier for them to decide about long term care.
National surveillance of health-care-associated infections in home care may potentially decrease infection rates, as has been documented in hospitals by the National Nosocomial Infections Surveillance system (NNIS).
The link between health care waste and pollution is not readily apparent.
Michel's exhaustive research shows that efforts to secure universal public child care have a long history of slow developments.
This development accompanied an overall growth in the home health care industry, as consumers increasingly opted to get treatment outside of the hospital when possible.