cardiovascular syphilis

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car·di·o·vas·cu·lar syph·i·lis

involvement of the cardiovascular system seen in late-stage syphilis, usually resulting in aortitis, aneurysm formation, and aortic valvular insufficiency.
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cardiovascular syphilis

Tertiary syphilis involving the heart and great blood vessels, esp. the aorta. Saccular aneurysms of the aorta and aortic insufficiency frequently result.
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Diagnosis of cardiovascular syphilis in the follow-up of a long-term cancer survivor: A case report.
Cardiovascular syphilis classically affects the major vessels and usually occurs 15 to 30 years after initial infection.
A recent review article on cardiovascular syphilis is typical of the way in which the Tuskegee study and its findings are cited:

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