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Because the phenolic hydroxyl in polydatin is similar to the chemical structure of vitamin E (a common anti-oxidant in our body), we hypothesized that the free radical-eliminating effect of polydatin might be another potential mechanism mediating cardioprotection.
Seven day oral supplementation with Cardax (disodium disuccinate astaxanthin) provides significant cardioprotection and reduces oxidative stress in rats.
One of the main points of the review included that resveratrol exhibits therapeutic potential for cancer chemoprevention as well as cardioprotection.
In the Medical Research Council (MRC) trial, the benefits of the diuretic were diluted whenever a [beta]-blocker was added and vanished completely with 13-blocker monotherapy The more [beta]-blocker they took, the less cardioprotection they had.
The role of hormone replacement in cardioprotection may become more dearly defined in a few years when the Women's Health Initiative and the HERS II continuation study are published.
10-12 From its large proprietary library of prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors, FibroGen is developing clinical and preclinical candidates designed to selectively activate HIF biology for the treatment of anemia and elicit a rapid, multifactorial, cytoprotective response for treating or preventing conditions resulting from acute ischemic injury and/or inflammation, including cardioprotection and inflammatory bowel disease.
Autophagy leads to cardioprotection by removing misfolded protein or dysfunctional mitochondria or maintaining energy homeostasis [41].
The cardioprotection afforded by DG pretreatment was paralleled by enhancements in mitochondrial antioxidant status and membrane structural integrity, as well as a decrease in the sensitivity of mitochondria to [Ca.
Cardioprotection in humans by carotenoids has been inferred from observational and epidemiologic studies, however, direct studies of cardioprotection and myocardial salvage by carotenoids are lacking.
The effects of the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil include direct anti-inflammatory activity in joints and possible long-term cardioprotection.
The findings suggest that "none of these drugs should be used for cardioprotection," they said (Lancet 359[9301]:118-23, 2002).
The role of drug delivery in various cardiovascular disorders such as myocardial ischemia, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia is discussed, as is cardioprotection.