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any disorder or disease of the heart.


Any disease of the heart.
[cardio- + G. pathos, disease]


n. pl. cardiopa·thies
A disease or disorder of the heart.


Any disease of the heart, due to inflammation, ASHD, fatty degeneration–thiamin deficiency, HTN, renal disease, thyrotoxicosis, toxicity–eg adriamycin, alcohol, cadmium, cobalt, cardiopathy, valve disease


Any disease of the heart.
[cardio- + G. pathos, disease]


Any heart disorder or disease.

Patient discussion about cardiopathy

Q. heart disease? how to prevent from heart disease?

A. Eat well (less fat, more vegetables), exercise, don't smoke, don't drink too much, watch your body weight, and go for a check-uo from time to time.

These are good points to start with, and will keep you busy enough... You can read more here (

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Q. what do i need to do if i suffer from heart disorder? do i need to change my diet? what is a heart disorder?

A. There are many types of heart disorders, and you need to be aware of exactly what you have. A change in diet- to a low-fat low cholesterol diet, combined with regular physical activity, is best for heart problems that involve atherosclerosis (occluded blood vessels that cause damage to the heart and can cause a heart attack). You have to see a doctor or a cardiologist for proper diagnosis and treatment, including diet plans.

Q. What are the Risks for Developing a Heart Disease? What are the major factors that might increase my risk for developing a heart disease?

A. There are many risk factors that are known nowadays for developing a heart disease. Among the major risk factors are: Being a male, being over 50 years of age, smoking, consuming alcohol, doing no physical activity, being obese, having hypertension (chronic high blood pressure), being diabetic and having a family history of heart disease (in first degree relatives). Also a high cholesterol diet is known to increase chance of atherosclerosis, a process that happens in the blood vessels and can cause heart attack.

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