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Resembling a heart.
[cardi- + G. eidos, resemblance]
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is shown in the following figure (the cardioid is inside the domain K bounded by the "left part" of the rhodonea; the full rhodonea, called Durer's folium, is given in the right picture.
Omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional response patterns were measured.
The high-sensitivity, noise-cancelling cardioids microphone helps ensure effective team play.
We hope the CardioID initiative will be a wake-up call to help many people take preventative action with diet, exercise and nutritional supplements.
2]) on the cardioid and the four-leaf clover of Fig.
The sum and difference of the signals from the outer antennas (normalized by the sense antenna) create a cardioid (heart-shaped) pattern versus angle, as shown in Figure 4.
The recordings in both locations were conducted in a quiet environment using a Sony TCD D8 portable DAT recorder and a dynamic microphone with a cardioid response.
Answers: a) cardioid b) omnidirectional c) bidirectional
The individual microphones are cardioid models that have progressively weaker sensitivity as the recording angle widens, until there is a near null directly behind the capsule.
They were recorded in a soundproof booth using a stereo pair of Neumann cardioid microphones.
5 [degrees] C and 27 [degrees] C on a Teac X-2000 open-reel tape recorder or a Marantz PMD 201 portable cassette recorder using a Realistic Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.
The headset also features a cardioid (directional) boom microphone that filters out background noises, delivering a clear voice signal for every user.