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Ventrodorsal (A) and right lateral (B) radiographs showing severe enlargement of the cardiohepatic silhouette because of infiltrative lymphoma in the blue and gold macaw described in Figure 1, approximately 7 weeks after completion of radiation therapy for periorbital lymphoma.
Cardiohepatic syndrome: liver injury in decompensated heart failure.
Cardiohepatic interaction has been noted in patients with heart failure [5], atrial fibrillation [6], and myocardial infarction [7].
The greater elevation of AST compared with ALT is reported to be due to induction by alcohol consumption and cardiohepatic interaction [5-7, 21, 22].
No obvious metallic opacities were detected, and the osseous and pulmonary parenchymal structures and cardiohepatic silhouette appeared normal.
Coelomic radiography revealed a widened cardiohepatic waist with increased soft tissue opacity at the level of the hepatic silhouette.