cardiac telemetry

car·di·ac te·lem·e·try

transmission of cardiac signals (electric or pressure derived) to a receiving location where they are displayed for monitoring.
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Bittium Faros is ultra-small and lightweight, which enables precise long-term full disclosure ECG measurements for long-term Holtering, cardiac event monitoring, mobile cardiac telemetry and assessing autonomic nervous system functions.
In addition to the services already offered by Telemedx, Alliance will provide ancillary services to Telemedx clients including video-monitored ambulatory EEG, long-term ICU-EMU monitoring, mobile cardiac telemetry, and outpatient home sleep testing.
Major factors contributing to the growth of the market includes rising incidences of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) which remains as the leading cause of death around the world; and increased adoption of mobile cardiac telemetry devices which enables longer and precise monitoring.
The control group was a 20-bed cardiac telemetry unit.
The NUVANT Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT), by Corventis, provides continuous remote monitoring of cardiac abnormalities in mobile patients.
Cardionet's MCOT service is currently one of the most successful, widely used remote cardiac telemetry device, with over 300,000 patients monitored in real time since 2010.
Ten years ago, CardioNet revolutionized the field of cardiac monitoring by introducing the first mobile outpatient cardiac telemetry system, MCOT(TM).
New graduate RNs in the DTU start their practice of nursing on the 21-bed inpatient medical/surgical/ cardiac telemetry unit.
A detailed discussion with your primary physician (and specialists, if you have them) is crucial to assess the risk of fracture from osteoporosis versus the risk of a cardiac event," says Erica Jones, MD, director of the Cardiac Telemetry Unit at Weill Cornell Medical Center.
RMDDx will develop mobile cardiac telemetry diagnostic monitoring services across the United States, Arrhythmia reported.
19 January 2010 - US-based developer of wireless cardiovascular solutions Corventis Inc announced today it has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its NUVANT Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) System for the detection of non-lethal arrhythmias.
The researchers found that electrocardiograms (ECG) were given to 99 percent of patients, cardiac telemetry and cardiac enzyme tests were performed in 95 percent, CT scans of the head in 63 percent, and echocardiography in 39 percent.