biventricular pacing

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1. regulation of the rate of a physiologic process, such as by providing timed stimuli.
biventricular pacing that in which a lead is used to deliver current directly to the left ventricle, in addition to those used to deliver current to the right atrium and ventricle, so that the ventricles can be induced to pump in synchrony.
cardiac pacing regulation of cardiac rhythm (or the rate of contraction of the heart muscle) with electrical stimuli from a pulse generator or an artificial pacemaker.
diaphragm pacing (diaphragmatic pacing) electrophrenic respiration.
dual chamber pacing control of the heart rate by means of an artificial pacemaker that paces, senses, or does both in the atria and in the ventricles.
single chamber pacing control of the heart rate by an artificial pacemaker that paces and senses in either atria or ventricles, usually in the latter.
transthoracic pacing a system of single or dual chamber epicardial pacing in which the electrode wires are sewn directly onto the epicardium and brought out through an incision in the chest wall. See also epicardial pacemaker.
transvenous pacing a system of single or dual chamber endocardial pacing in which the electrode wires are passed through veins into the right atrium or ventricle. See also transvenous pacemaker.
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biventricular pacing

A cardiac pacemaker in which the leads are placed in the right atrium, right ventricle and left ventricle.

Management of patients with heart failure with abnormal intraventricular conduction—e.g., left bundle branch block on ECG, resulting in deranged ventricular contraction or dyssynchrony.
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