cardiac notch

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cardial notch

a deep notch between the esophagus and fundus of the stomach.

car·di·ac notch

(kahr'dē-ak noch)
A deep notch between the esophagus and fundus of the stomach.

cardiac notch

The concavity on the anterior border of the left lung into which the heart projects.
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an indentation, especially one on the edge of a bone or other organ.

acetabular notch
in the medial part of the rim of the acetabulum.
antitragohelicine notch
in the caudal process of the cartilage of the pig's ear separating it from the tragus and antitragus.
aortic notch
a small downward deflection in the arterial pulse or pressure contour immediately following the closure of the semilunar valves, sometimes used as a marker for the end of systole or the ejection period. Called also dicrotic notch.
cardiac notch
an indentation in the ventral margin of the lungs that allows the heart in its coverings to lie against the chest wall. Useful for ultrasound examination, auscultation, pericardiac and cardiac puncture. The extent of the notch varies between species and enlarges during expiration.
costal notch
indentations in the sternum with which the costal cartilages of the ribs articulate.
dicrotic notch
see aortic notch (above).
glenoid notch
in the cranial part of the rim of the glenoid cavity of the scapula.
greater sciatic notch
indentation in the dorsal edge of the ilium over which the sciatic nerve passes.
intertragic notch
the notch in the auricular cartilage between the tragus and antitragus.
lesser sciatic notch
indentation in the lateral border of the ischium between the ischial spine and the ischial tuber.
mandibular notch
separates the coronoid and condylar processes of the mandible.
mandibular vascular notch
the notch on the lower edge of the mandible below which facial vessels cross to reach the face in some species such as the horse.
nasoincisive notch
deep notch separating the pointed nasal bone and the incisive bone.
pretragic notch
the palpable depression rostral to the tragus of the ear.
tragohelicine notch
the slot in the auricular cartilage between the tragus and the medial border of the ear cartilage; a useful surgical landmark.
vertebral notch
the notch in the pedicle of the vertebral arch, at the cranial and caudal ends of each vertebra which combines with its opposite number to create an intervertebral foramen.