cardiac mapping

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the creation on a flat surface of a representation of an area, showing the relative position of various features.
cardiac mapping an electrophysiological procedure in which electric potentials recorded by electrodes placed directly on the heart are processed to give a two-dimensional display of the origin and path of an electrical impulse as it depolarizes the heart.
genetic mapping determination of the location of genes on chromosomes.
intraoperative lymphatic mapping sentinel node biopsy.

car·di·ac map·ping

a method by which local cardiac potentials are spatially depicted in an integrated manner as a function of time (isochrone map) or potential (isopotential map).

cardiac mapping

The measurement of the electrical potentials generated by regions of the heart, often to identify a treatable source of an arrhythmia.
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They then received the cardiac mapping results and were asked the same question.
NYSE: STJ) has launched its EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system and new Sensor Enabled tools in full market release in Europe, the company said.
The system is currently available and expanding in select European countries as part of its initial launch and the company is currently pursuing US Food and Drug Administration clearance of the EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system.
US-based electrophysiologists tools developer APN Health, LLC has received US Food and Drug Administration clearance to market the Navik 3D advanced cardiac mapping system, the company said.
It is possible that for some patients, a pre-procedure CT or MRI scan may not be needed to guide cardiac mapping system procedures.
Unlike conventional cardiac mapping systems, the Rhythmia Mapping System rapidly and automatically generates three-dimensional images of any chamber of the heart to help diagnose, locate and treat the source of rhythm abnormality.
0 software, which shortens procedure times for patients undergoing electrophysiology (EP) procedures guided by a cardiac mapping system and better workflow efficiencies in the EP lab.
Contract award notice: Tender for The Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a 3-Dimensional Electro-Anatomical Cardiac Mapping System for the Diagnosis and Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias.
The companies will integrate the EnSite Velocity Cardiac Mapping System from St.
The CGCI system is integrated with sophisticated cardiac mapping and navigation technologies, including X-ray, intracardiac echocardiography (ICE), and other advanced electrophysiology lab technologies and equipment.
Atrial Fibrillation (AF): electrophysiology introducers and catheters, advanced cardiac mapping, navigation and recording systems and ablation systems;
Contract notice: Supply, installation and commissioning of a 3-dimensional electro-anatomical cardiac mapping system for the diagnosis and ablation of cardiac arrhythmias.