cardiac mapping

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the creation on a flat surface of a representation of an area, showing the relative position of various features.
cardiac mapping an electrophysiological procedure in which electric potentials recorded by electrodes placed directly on the heart are processed to give a two-dimensional display of the origin and path of an electrical impulse as it depolarizes the heart.
genetic mapping determination of the location of genes on chromosomes.
intraoperative lymphatic mapping sentinel node biopsy.

car·di·ac map·ping

a method by which local cardiac potentials are spatially depicted in an integrated manner as a function of time (isochrone map) or potential (isopotential map).

cardiac mapping

The measurement of the electrical potentials generated by regions of the heart, often to identify a treatable source of an arrhythmia.
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Physicians in the study said cardiac mapping provided additional information in 51 of the 90 cases and said the results would assist in treatment in 53 cases, Dr.
The EnSite Velocity System is an open platform and is the only cardiac mapping system that supports the translation of the user interface into eight non-English languages.
This increased clinical use will highlight the ECVUE System's ability to simplify cardiac mapping procedures, reduce procedure time, and expand the use of mapping to new applications, including cardiac resynchronization for heart failure.
Acquisition of a cardiac mapping system for the treatment of arythmiesle contract is for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a cardiac mapping system for the treatment of arrhythmias in the service Heart and vascular diseases located at the Robert Debre Hospital at the University Hospital of Reims, and training users to use these devices.
CardioInsight recently announced the commercial introduction of its ECVUEnon-invasive cardiac mapping system in Europe, and is working to demonstrate the clinical utility of the system in a commercial setting.
CardioInsight's non-invasive cardiac mapping system represents an important evolution in the field of cardiac mapping and addresses a number of significant clinical opportunities to improve the diagnosis and treatment guidance for cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure.
The company is known for its exceptional technologies in the electrophysiology (EP) diagnostic, therapeutic, and electroanatomic cardiac mapping industry.
This agreement provides potential opportunities to assess how AcuNav can be combined with our unique cardiac mapping and navigation systems," said Roy Tanaka, president, Biosense Webster.
This 3D Cardiac Segmentation Software is another example of our commitment to enhance the open cardiac mapping and navigation capabilities of the EnSite System and preserve the physicians' ability to choose which diagnostic and therapeutic product or technology they use for any particular electrophysiology ablation procedure.
Then, he and his team began looking for the location of the bad heartbeat, a procedure known as cardiac mapping.