cardiac impulse

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1. a sudden pushing force.
2. a sudden uncontrollable determination to act.
cardiac impulse a heartbeat palpated over the left side of the chest at the apex of the heart. See also point of maximal impulse.
impulse control disorders a group of mental disorders characterized by repeated failure to resist an impulse to perform some act harmful to oneself or to others. In spite of the act's being socially unacceptable or inconsistent with the rest of the person's personality or lifestyle, he or she feels pleasure or emotional release upon doing it. Disorders in this category include intermittent explosive disorder, kleptomania, pathological gambling, pyromania, and trichotillomania.
nerve impulse the electrochemical process propagated along nerve fibers.

car·di·ac im·pulse

movement of the chest wall produced by cardiac contraction.

car·di·ac im·pulse

(kahrdē-ak impŭls)
Movement of the chest wall produced by cardiac contraction.
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These can include lifelong antihypertensive therapy to reduce the force of the cardiac impulse, and regular surveillance of the aortic root, heart, eyes and skeleton.
According to current knowledge, gap junctions are considered to be crucial for the propagation of the cardiac impulse. In advanced stages of cardiac pathology, connexin expression and intracellular coupling are diminished and gap junction channels become redistributed.
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