cardiac cachexia

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cardiac cachexia

Muscle wasting and weight loss occurring in persons with congestive heart failure, and linked with excess circulating levels of tumor necrosis factor and other inflammatory cytokines. It has a poor prognosis.
See also: cachexia


a profound and marked state of constitutional disorder; general ill health and malnutrition. See also emaciation.

cardiac cachexia
severe wasting that occurs in association with chronic cardiac insufficiency. The result of anorexia, malabsorption and poor tissue perfusion with cellular anoxia.
pituitary cachexia
that due to diminution or absence of pituitary function. Manifested by progressive loss of body weight associated with muscle atrophy due to lack of protein anabolism in the absence of growth hormone.
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Therefore, activation of the IGF-I/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway can be considered a good strategy to counteract HF-induced muscle wasting and cardiac cachexia.
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Other experimental studies have also shown that mice bearing Walker 256 and MAC13/16 tumors developed cardiac cachexia in response to DNA and/or protein oxidative damage in heart tissues [20,36].
ACE inhibitor therapy delays the onset of cardiac cachexia, said Stefan D.
Although cardiac cachexia was first described by Hippocrates [3] (`The flesh is consumed and becomes water .