cardiac apex

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cardiac apex


pl. apices [L.] the pointed end of a cone-shaped part.
See also apical.

apex beat
see cardiac impulse.
cardiac apex
lies above the last sternebra and close to the sternal part of the diaphragm.
constricted apex
an apical foramen of a tooth is smaller than the adjacent root canal.
dilated apex
an apical foramen of a tooth is wider than the adjacent root canal.
nasal apex
the dorsal crescent of the snout of the pig.
tooth apex
end of a tooth root.
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This heterogeneity varied from segment to segment and also between the cardiac apex and base.
The clinical features that best ruled-in LVSD were an S3 gallop, a displaced cardiac apex, a history of diabetes mellitus or MI, and JVD.
A Grade IV/VI systolic murmur at the cardiac apex with radiation to left armpit, a Grade IV/VI systolic murmur in the second right intercostal space with radiation to carotid artery, and a diastolic murmur in the third left intercostal space was heard.
All cross sections, from cardiac apex to subvalvular base, showed broad patches of white-yellow myocardial discoloration, without obvious hemorrhage, along the free wall of the left ventricle, the free wall of the right ventricle, and within the anterior interventricular septum (Figure 1).

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