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n an apparatus or instrument that is used to hold something.
film holder, precision,
n a stainless steel device used to hold the film firmly in place during a dental radiographic procedure, which provides the rectangular collimation necessary for the paralleling technique.
film holder, Rinn X-C-P,
n a name brand reusable film-positioning device with aiming capability made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel that is especially suited to the paralleling technique.
Ilm holder, Stabe,
n.pr a name brand disposable film-positioning device made from styrofoam that is especially suited to the paralleling or bisecting angle techniques.
holder, broach,
holder, clamp,
n See holder, rubber dam clamp.
holder, matrix,
holder, rubber dam,
n an apparatus used to hold a rubber dam in place on the face and to secure the edges of the dam clear of the field of operation.
holder, rubber dam clamp (clamp holder),
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Classes of patrons can be identified by cardholder type and/or by self-identification.
It should be noted that most merchant and cardholder agreements provide that the issuer is not responsible to the cardholder for any defect in the quantity or quality of goods provided by the merchant to the cardholder.
To make bank cards appealing to consumers who already had department store cards, the banks granted cardholders the same interest-free "grace period" of twenty-five to thirty days that was customary for store cards.
With no minimum redemption, cardholders can select how much they want to redeem as well as how they would like to receive it.
MasterCard is delighted to collaborate with NBAD to give cardholders additional benefits when shopping locally or internationally with their MasterCard cards, said Eyad Al-Kourdi, country manager and vice president, UAE, MasterCard Worldwide.
Worldwide, cardholders in over 150 countries carry more than 1 billion Visa-branded cards, accounting for more than $3 trillion in annual transaction volume.
A convenient replacement to cash and checks, the First Nationwide Bank ATM Check Card can be used to purchase goods and services from all types of merchants by providing cardholders with electronic access to funds in their checking accounts.
When a call is placed from overseas, the connection can be made using the routes of the most appropriate local telecommunications provider to ensure the cardholder receives the most efficient and cost-effective service available.
9 payment processing software has achieved validation for Payment Applications Best Practices (PABP) under Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) after a review of the application by independent auditor K3DES LLC, a PCI qualified security assessor based in Houston.
To use the Master RoadAssist Service, a cardholder simply calls the toll free number, 800-MC ASSIST, and help will be on the way.
It gives the cardholder easy access to a 'next generation' bank account that is FDIC insured, includes monthly statements, and provides convenient cash withdrawal.