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n an apparatus or instrument that is used to hold something.
film holder, precision,
n a stainless steel device used to hold the film firmly in place during a dental radiographic procedure, which provides the rectangular collimation necessary for the paralleling technique.
film holder, Rinn X-C-P,
n a name brand reusable film-positioning device with aiming capability made from a combination of plastic and stainless steel that is especially suited to the paralleling technique.
Ilm holder, Stabe,
n.pr a name brand disposable film-positioning device made from styrofoam that is especially suited to the paralleling or bisecting angle techniques.
holder, broach,
holder, clamp,
n See holder, rubber dam clamp.
holder, matrix,
holder, rubber dam,
n an apparatus used to hold a rubber dam in place on the face and to secure the edges of the dam clear of the field of operation.
holder, rubber dam clamp (clamp holder),
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We, at MasterCard, are delighted to continue to bring value-added benefits to premium MasterCard cardholders," said Magdy Hassan, vice president and country manager, Egypt, MasterCard Worldwide.
Classes of patrons can be identified by cardholder type and/or by self-identification.
It should be noted that most merchant and cardholder agreements provide that the issuer is not responsible to the cardholder for any defect in the quantity or quality of goods provided by the merchant to the cardholder.
Some of the largest national issuers have segmented their cardholder bases according to risk characteristics, offering reduced rates to a select group of existing customers who have good payment records; higher-risk late-paying customers are still charged higher rates.
Bank Cash+ Visa Signature cardholders select two categories for which they can earn 5 percent cash back, including department stores, home improvement and electronic stores, restaurants and fast food establishments, airlines, hotels and car rentals.
In addition, NBAD cardholders can earn bonus NBAD Stars at selected partners, ranging from airlines, travel agents, hotels, restaurants, retailers and more.
We value our cardholders and wanted to provide them with an easy-to-use, online financial management tool that can help them better understand their spending, budgeting and saving patterns.
9 payment processing software has achieved validation for Payment Applications Best Practices (PABP) under Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) after a review of the application by independent auditor K3DES LLC, a PCI qualified security assessor based in Houston.
It also supports direct deposit of payroll and other funds so cardholders can enjoy year-round banking services at a fraction of the cost of traditional check-cashing fees.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Fraud-Fighting Authentication Service Enables Consumers to Password Protect Their Visa Cards Ensuring Only the Cardholder Can Use the Number to Shop Online
0 has been validated as compliant with Visa USA Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) Payment Application Best Practices (PABP).
MasterCard International today announced a multifaceted program to educate business owners about how to stop fraud before it happens, protect cardholder data and deliver peace of mind to their customers.