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A class of cardiac glycosides containing a five-membered lactone ring (for example, the Digitalis glycosides).
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We hypothesized that a physiological cost of defense would be best indicated by a coupling between the Pn impairment and gross cardenolide defense induction from manual or insect defoliation on A.
It has not yet been established which mammalian cardenolide would be the best candidate as a biomarker for HF or which combination in blood would best be suited as early biomarkers.
(28) to couple cardenolide compounds to KLH/BSA through their rhamnose sugar moieties (Fig.
Collectively these data indicate that our assay detects a digitalislike compound, i.e., a cardenolide whose steroid moiety has the cis-trans-cis configuration between its ring junctions.
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In experiments, bloodflowers grown in outdoor enclosures under high carbon dioxide concentrations, around 760 parts per million, don't make as much medicinal cardenolide as normal, Hunter and colleagues report July 9 in Ecology Letters.
Chemical constituents: Roots, bark and seeds contain cardio-active glycosides, formerly designated as neriodorin, and karabin, pregnanolone, cardenolide glysocide (Prajapati et al., 2003; Khare, 2007).
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Molecular formula of Cerberin: Others: Cerberoside, Cerleaside A, Odollin, Odollotoxin, Thevetin, Cerapain, 17-alpha neriifolin, 17-beta neriifolin, Cardenolide glycoside, Tanghinin, Deacetyl tanghinin.