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, cardamon (kăr′dă-mŭm) [Gr. kardamomon]
The dried ripe fruit of an herb, Elettaria repens or E. cardamomum. It is used as an aromatic and carminative.


n Latin name:
Elettaria cardamomum; part used: seeds; uses: dyspepsia, colic, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones, colds, cough, viruses, congestion, anorexia; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children; patients with heartburn and gallstones, gallstone colic, and contact dermatitis (not often). Also called
cardamon seeds or
Malabar cardamom.
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Cardamon has also held positions at Bay View Bank/ Bankers Mutual, First California Mortgage, Continental Savings of America, Marcus & Millichap, Inc.
Crave is young, clean, and active, while Truth is less techno and more earthly, mingling basil, cardamon, white patchouli, and red cedar.
Herbs that increase sexual desire: tulsi increases love; 2 hours after lunch and dinner or 1 hour before dinner or breakfast 1 banana plus 1 teaspoon warm ghee plus 1 teaspoon sucanat plus pinch cardamon powder will keep sexual energy high for hours according to Dr.
The Elixir Bubble Bar ($9) has curried our favor--you'll love the cardamon, ginger and coriander.
Rather Jolly Tea also carries teas from Africa, Vietnam and a wonderful Indian tea called Classic Chai, a black tea flavored with cloves, ginger, cardamon, pepper and cinnamon, and drunk with milk.
The sweetmeats, confeti, were all sorts of preserved goodies to complete digestion and sweeten the breath, spices to nibble such as anise seeds, cardamon, candied ginger, thin slices of fennel moistened with bitter-orange juice.
Other dishes include lamb champvallon hotpot from Auteuil, Mount Gay trifle from Garrison Savannah in Barbados, and terrine of blood oranges with Darjeeling tea syrup and cardamon ice cream from Calcutta.
But chicken, coriander, cinnamon and cardamon are also listed among the flavor partners.
But when you make something like a mortar and pestle out of cast iron, the raw cast iron really helps grind something hard like cardamon seeds.
In the common house's industrial kitchen, the pungent smells of cardamon cake and sauteeing onions hinted at the wholesome feast awaiting those not inclined to cook tonight.
1/4 teaspoon each: ground allspice, cardamon, ginger, cinnamon
At daybreak on December 13, the youngest daughter dons a crown and serves her family S-shaped cardamon buns.