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1. Archaic term for carbide.
2. To combine with carbon.
3. To enrich a gas with volatile hydrocarbons, as in a carburetor.
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Carburetted water gasification produces a gas that averages 57% hydrogen, 15% methane, 24% carbon monoxide, and traces of other gases.
The model is equipped with an all-new carburetted and air-cooled 163cc engine with Honda's patented HET technology.
But while the Adventure and Super Duke now use an updated 999cc fuel injected version, the Super Enduro - like the SM - retains the original 942cc carburetted engine.
It should be remembered that Mercury have not of course, deployed our technology exclusively and offer engines in almost all feasible configurations including carburetted, conventional Electronic Fuel Injected, as well as Optimax systems and four stroke PI and supercharged engines.
Handling was awesome, but the four-stroke, carburetted engine felt flat anywhere outside its 11,000rpm sweet spot.
This new system, called the Carburetted Engine Management System (CEMS), will be supplied to NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.
The ever tightening emissions regime in Europe is forcing a change in motorcycle manufacturers away from the conventional carburetted two stroke engine.