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1. Archaic term for carbide.
2. To combine with carbon.
3. To enrich a gas with volatile hydrocarbons, as in a carburetor.
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This has been accomplished mainly by changes in the carburetion systems and modification in the breather systems, the company said.
Many apparent carburetion problems can be cured by installing a new spark plug.
As the governor on an engine regulates carburetion, epistemics throttles back the ardor of political discourse by controlling the depiction of "the people.
To adapt the unit's two Ford gasoline engines for this fuel, a local private conversion facility changed intake manifold and carburetion, mounted six cylinder tanks, and installed plumbing lines.
This strategy involves controlling and monitoring engine systems, which include air-fuel carburetion or injection ratios, cylinder compression, valve timing, air-pump operation, exhaust-gas recirculation, fuel chemistry, and combustion timing, among others.
circa 1926 splash lubrication, the incurable emphysema of suction-valve carburetion, stone-age valves requiring (unpublicized) constant adjustment, and (also unpublicized) unreplaceable main bearings.
The platform consists of the MCZ33812, an advanced analog integrated circuit (IC) optimized to control fuel and spark in EFI and electronic carburetion (e-carb) systems, and a Freescale S12 MCU.
The engine's carburetion is similar to that on Marv's engine, but different from systems on the others displayed at Portland.
Main features: vans for mechanical and electrical services for sportsvhicules services techniquesavec times of old vehicles (vans and light vehicles) thermal carburetion
He has also spent time as a Sales Manager for Liquid Fuel Carburetion.
For light aircraft pilots, this was something new: A small displacement, high-revving geared engine with sophisticated carburetion and ignition, plus a composite woodcore prop.
In the Untainted Section of Eric's lists, the combination AUEIO / CARBURETION should be corrected to AUEIO/CARBURETION