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1. Archaic term for carbide.
2. To combine with carbon.
3. To enrich a gas with volatile hydrocarbons, as in a carburetor.
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It's not really based on whether the engine is carbureted or fuel-injected; it's based on the way the engine was designed.
The Envirofit team hoped to help reduce this pollution by developing and commercializing a retrofit kit that dramatically reduced emissions in dirty two-stroke carbureted motorcycle engines (Figure 1).
Offering color photos of equipment on every page, this handbook explains how nitrous oxide works, gives step-by-step instructions for installing and using a nitrous system in either carbureted or fuel-injected cars and motorcycles with or without computerized engine management systems, and shows how to fine tune for maximum performance and safe operation on street and track.
Honda boffins say that the new model will return 65 km to the litre as opposed to the 60 kmpl fuel economy figure of the earlier carbureted Stunner.
It's a move we're more than happy to embrace, as DFI systems eliminate so many of the aggravations inherent in the old carbureted method of fuel management.
Along with the expected benefits of improved performance--the engine has gained about 0.5 hp from its carbureted 7 hp rating--easier starting and improved response, the new EFI EX21 engine also offers additional features such as auto idle down and low oil level alarm/ shutdowns.
Studies on Exhaust emissions from low heat rejection diesel engine with carbureted ethanol and Pongamia oil", Indian J.
Traditional, carbureted motorcycle engines always need a little tweaking after long storage.
Because they are commonly used throughout developing countries, vehicles with carbureted two-stroke engines--Asia has an estimated 100 million--represent one of the largest single sources of the world's vehicular emissions.
By reducer process of iron's oxides ([Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3]) on inner surface of cylinders at small temperatures and carbureted of FeO, following by removing from friction is formed very fine metallic powders [Marcu,1979].
If you have a carbureted system, press once on the accelerator pedal, turn off the car ignition and wait at least a minute.
The loud popping sound is consistent with backfiring, which is unusual in fuel-injected engines, unlike carbureted engines.