carboxymethyl cellulose

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car·box·y·meth·yl cel·lu·lose

cellulose in which some of the OH groups are modified to contain -CH2-COOH groups; used in column chromatography.
Synonym(s): CM-cellulose
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Line Weaver Burk plot demonstrated the Km and Vmax values of 0.22 mg/mL and 2500 umoles/min when sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was utilized as substrate (Fig.
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There is no significant difference in the efficiency of polymethylvinylether-maleic anhydride (PVM-MA) based denture adhesive was compared with carboxymethyl cellulose (CC) based denture adhesive in new complete denture wearers.
No activity could be measured with a-cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, starch, and [beta]-glucan as substrates.
Comparative studies on inflammatory reactions induced by non-immunological and immunological stimuli in an air pouch and in a carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)-induced inflammatory pouch.
Following the specific mannoprotein MP40, another polymer, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), was introduced in the EU in 2008.
Synthesis, characterization and electrospinning of new thermoplastic carboxymethyl cellulose (TCMC).
Although, carboxymethyl cellulose possesses good properties and various industrial applications, it suffers from its drawbacks i.e., biodegradability which limits its uses considerably.
Key words: goat milk yogurt physico-chemical analysis organoleptic analysis carboxymethyl cellulose.
This can be explained as follows: for two-hour dispersion of suspension there is no destruction of adsorption-solvate layer, i.e., carboxymethyl cellulose from the surface of carbon nanotubes, but with the prolonged C-O bond of carboxymethyl cellulose is broken, so the absorption line is missing.