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A salt or ester of an organic acid, derived from the carboxyl group. Soaps, which are usually the sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids, are carboxylates.
adj. (-lāt′, -lĭt)
1. Of or relating to a carboxylate.
2. Of or relating to the anionic conjugate base of a carboxylic acid, specifically the CO22- group


A salt or ester of the carboxylic acid group.


n a carboxylic acid salt, ester, or ion.
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0, it shrinks within a few minutes due to protonation of the carboxylate and hydrogen-bonding interaction between --OH and --COOH groups [36], After three on-off cycles, the AA/CMC superabsorbent hydrogel still has better responsive to environmental pH stimulants, suggesting that the AA/ CMC superabsorbent hydrogel possess excellent pH reversibility.
In the pH region from 1 to 3, most of carboxylate groups are in the form of -COOH and the low swelling values of hydrogels can be attributed to the presence of nonionic hydrophilic COOH and -OH groups in the hydrogel network.
Cu(II) Carboxylate + Cu(0) metal [right arrow] 2 Cu(I) Carboxylate
Analogous paints to the dispersion diagrams were prepared and the optical properties of the resulting films assessed for a % carboxylate ladder of the dispersant.
The carboxylate is the predominant form of irinotecan in plasma soon after the end of infusion (25); because this form is unlikely to cross biological barriers, the secretory mechanisms of the irinotecan lactone in saliva are not attributable to simple passive diffusion but rather to active processes, as reported recently for topotecan (44).
Because the polysaccharides have a strong affinity for water, and SA contains two hydroxyl segments and one carboxylate segment, the water molecules can be bound to SA by the hydrophilic -COONa and -OH groups.
1] was appeared that attributed to the ester formation from replacement of hydroxyl groups of kaolin with grafted carboxylate anions onto polysaccharide backbones.
To investigate the biocompatibility of their silica-coated quantum dots, the researchers ran in vivo experiments to compare the in vivo behaviour of the new particles with that of commercial quantum dots bearing a carboxylate outer ligand coating, but having similar size and luminescence characteristics.
BACKGROUND: Oseltamivir phosphate (OP; Tamiflu) is a prodrug of the anti-influenza neuraminidase inhibitor oseltamivir carboxylate (OC) and has been developed for the treatment and prevention of both A and B strains of influenza.
The polymeric dispersants chosen were polyacrylic acid and polyacrylamide homo- and copolymers modified with hydroxyl and/or carboxylate groups.
of Alameda, CA, has acquired the North American metal carboxylate and anti-skinning business of Elementis Pigments, Inc.
patent: 6,239,202 Issued: May 29, 2001 Inventors: John Osaheni, James Doin and Edwin Evans Assigned: General Electric Keywords: Ammonium carboxylate in a silicone elastomer