carbonyl group

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carbonyl group

A functional group with a carbon atom double-bonded to O2; the 2 remaining bonds are free to attach to other molecules.

Examples of carbonyl compounds
Aldehydes, amides, acyl halides, amides, carboxylic acids, esters, and ketones.

carbonyl group (kärˑ·b·nil grōōpˑ),

n a functional group in which a carbon atom is joined to an oxygen by a double bond; found in aldehydes and ketones.
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In adults on hemodialysis significantly higher concentration of carbonyl groups in comparison to healthy subjects was observed.
Immunohistochemical Detection of Carbonyl Groups in Peroxidated Proteins Derivatized with Dinitrophenyl Hydrazine [28].
This could be due to the PTEG polyether nature, able to create stronger hydrogen bonds with the N--H bonds than the urethane carbonyl group as mentioned in FTIR analysis [20].
This might come from the strongest mesomeric effect, which produced from the delocalization of the unshared electrons of oxygen throw the furan ring into the [alpha], [beta]-unsaturated carbonyl system to accommodate a negative charge on the oxygen of the carbonyl group Scheme 2, which might make the compound less antibacterial active compared with other substituted [alpha], [beta]-unsaturated carbonyl compounds.
With respect to the side reaction, FTIR also confirms the existence of other function group, such as carbonyl group (-OH) and hydroxyl group (-C=0) in dissoluble parts.
As in the polyester-based TPUs, the carbonyl group is present on both the soft and hard segments, hydrogen bonding can occur between HSs or between hard and soft segments.
Taking into account the microstructures of these copolymers, the intermolecular hydrogen bond between the carbonyl group of MMA and the amide group of MAAM has a larger probability of occurring than the self-association through hydrogen bonding of pure PMAAM (15).
The exact mechanism underlying the pathogenesis is the initial step in the Maillard reaction and proceeds when a sugar carbonyl group condenses.
ABH is a chiral ligand as may be seen in its crystal structure [33], one of the NH 2 and carbonyl group is twisted and is involved in strong intermolecular hydrogen bonding with the NH 2 and carbonyl group in the neighboring.