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Relating to carbon. See also under carbonate.


Pert. to carbon.

carbonic anhydrase

An enzyme that catalyzes union of water and carbon dioxide to form carbonic acid, or performs the reverse action. It is present in red blood cells.
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Nippon Ekitan is a group company of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, which operates a carbonic acid gas business in Japan.
Table-1: Carbonic anhydrase-II inhibition of Srelotium rolfsii and Aspergillus flavus.
Expression of the hypoxia-inducible and tumor-associated carbonic anhydrases in ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast.
Epstein RJ, Allen RC, Lunde MW Organic impotence associated with carbonic anhydrase inhibitor therapy for glaucoma.
This study, according to Lukaski, suggests that dampened carbonic anhydrase activity may explain these effects.
Both Jurassic and carbonic coal strata exist in Tongxin mines in Datong minefields, Shangxi Province.
He added that this happens because fast-moving bubbles entrain more carbonic gas.
CO2 emissions at their current rates, absorbed by the sea and turned into carbonic acid, pose a real threat to the ocean's organisms.
As the sea ice melts, the underlying seawater becomes exposed to carbon dioxide, which dissolves in the water to form carbonic acid.
2] pollution into the air, some of that carbon dioxide is absorbed into the ocean to become carbonic acid, and gradually builds up in the ocean.