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Relating to carbon. See also under carbonate.


Pert. to carbon.

carbonic anhydrase

An enzyme that catalyzes union of water and carbon dioxide to form carbonic acid, or performs the reverse action. It is present in red blood cells.
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We speculate that, as in our case, carbonic anhydrase inhibition of the endothelium may have been the mechanism of visual impairment.
Due to the vulnerability of most pipelines to the presence of carbonic acid, one of the most critical factors to control is the water content of the C[O.
Carbonic acid (H2CO3) is a good example of a weak acid, which does not readily associate.
KEY WORDS: Haliotis tuberculata, biomineralization, cell culture, mantle, hemolymph, CGRP-like peptides, carbonic anhydrase
The next step is to describe that carbon dioxide given off by roots as a product of aerobic respiration reacts with water in the soil solution to form carbonic acid that dissociates to a proton and a bicarbonate ion.
One such zinc-dependent enzyme, carbonic anhydrase, helps the body clear away byproducts of daily cellular activity.
Its cavernous interior was sculpted when carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere mixed with rainwater and groundwater to form carbonic acid.
Researchers theorize that an enzyme in the body called carbonic anhydrase, which relies on zinc for proper function, helps the body expel carbon dioxide, with the demand rising substantially during routine exercise.
Theoretical considerations and experimental tests led to the conclusion that both carbonic and acetic acids are good candidates for this purpose.
The buffer is composed of the bicarbonate ion and carbonic acid.
Caution should be used when Topamax is prescribed with other drugs that predispose patients to heat-related disorders," such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and drugs with anticholinergic activity.