carbonated water

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car·bon·at·ed wa·ter

, carbonic water
water that contains a considerable amount of carbonic acid in solution.
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a major supermarket chain operator, which sells its private brand carbonated water Top Value, saws August sales increase 20 percent over the same month in 2008.
Among the samples printed with UV ink the lowest resistance is detected in yellow ink when treated with carbonated water.
First of all, there are nine ingredients in this beverage, and most people are probably familiar with only three of them: carbonated water, natural flavors and caffeine.
The guy looked a little concerned that neither of the systems that his company offered could produce carbonated water.
The gas forms carbonated water, like soda, that bubbles up into the lake bottom.
When Dessirier and his colleagues coated one-half of the tongues of 20 people with an inhibitor of the enzyme, 17 of them felt less fizz on the treated side when they tasted carbonated water.
Hadham Water Ltd is recalling batches of its two-litre bottles of still and carbonated water.
has expanded its Dasani line to include Dasani Sensations, a carbonated water with fruit flavor and zero calories.
For still or carbonated water, soft drinks or sensitive beverages or sauces, SBO Universal equipment can handle the production requirements of all products packaged in plastic.
The best carbonated water came from Harrogate Spa Water of Harrogate, Britain.
Sparkling water, also known as carbonated water, soda water, seltzer water, or fizzy water, is carbonated artificially.