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Containing or yielding carbon.
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Notably, the recoveries are consistent for all ore types--high or low carbonaceous ore, dacitic ore, and blended ore.
Published this past summer in Scientific Reports, the latest study points to gasoline engines as the predominant source of carbonaceous particulate matter and SO As.
The sequence stratigraphic analysis revealed that Chichali Formation is deposited during Transgressive System Tract of 2nd order depositional cycle which is preserved in the form of carbonaceous shale and glauconitic sandstone lithofacies of middle to outer ramp depositional setting which is interpreted to have negative impact on reservoir quality ofthe formation, while the Low Stand System of 2nd order cycle is responsible for the deposition ofLumshiwal Formation, which in turn is subjected to marine flooding surfaces, within this LST that resulted in delta front depositional setting which has contributed to the formation ofmain reservoir unit ofthe Lumshiwal Formation.
Takir is a member of NASAs OSIRIS-REx mission and JAXAs Hayabusa2 mission to collect carbonaceous samples from the water-rich asteroids, Bennu and Ryugu.
The number and thickness of carbonaceous and sandy beds are increased in the Upper Cretaceous (UC) section in the south and south-east and in the Gusar-Devechi trough.
According to a recent paper by the Marshalls in the peer-reviewed Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, by itself Raman spectroscopy is able to screen for carbonaceous material, but it can't determine its source -- thus the technology needs to be supplemented in order to determine if life exists on Mars.
Gan Zhong, Deputy Director General of Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, delivered his lecture on observation of persistent organic pollutants and carbonaceous aerosols in high mountains.
Industrial use of reactive micro- and nano-sized carbonaceous hydrochar is expanding rapidly.
The Moon samples had a low deuterium-to-hydrogen ratio that is similar to the ratio observed in a type of meteorite hailing from near Jupiter called carbonaceous chondrite.
Polymer composites with carbonaceous nanofillers; properties and applications.
Line the bottom with a few sheets of newspaper, then fill a separate container with carbonaceous materials, such as sawdust, leaves, shredded newspaper or garden soil.
The Sutter's Mill meteorite turns out to be a rare, carbon-rich type known as a carbonaceous chondrite.