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Containing or yielding carbon.
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Carbonaceous meteorites do not match the color of Pholus, probably because they contain elemental carbon and a similarly black and hydrogen-poor complex organic solid called kerogen, both of which have fairly neutral colors.
The lower carbonaceous shale and larger benthic foraminifera such as Ranikothalia sindensis, Lockhartia haimei, Miscellanea miscella, Lockhartia conditi, Lockhartia tipperi, Assilina sub spinosa, and Nummulites globulus Leymerie were identified from the Patala Formation.
The Formation is rich in carbonaceous matter, radioactive at some parts in three sections.
Copper alloy foundries should: use the melt cover that is appropriate for the specific alloy; control the amount used; monitor and control the impurity content of carbonaceous melt covers; and optimize cover use, skimming practice and melt loss in the skim commensurate with the melt quality necessary to produce specific castings.
When the composition of the mold atmosphere was measured at the interface in molds with seacoal additions and in those without seacoal or other carbonaceous additions, it was discovered that there was little difference between the two--the atmospheres in both molds were reducing.
The Datta Formation in Chichali Nala section is predominantly composed of medium to coarse grained sandstone interbedded with carbonaceous clays and limestone at places.
Using sensitive analytical techniques, the researchers extracted and studied in meticulous detail four amino acids found in the carbon-rich Murchison meteorite, a type known as a carbonaceous chondrite.
Examining in situ thermal combustion, breakdown with early shakeout, phenolic urethane coldbox (PUCB) combustion studies and oxidation/reduction, they found that the gases generated by the PUCB and phenolic urethane nobake (PUNB) binders are responsible for forming carbonaceous condensate, leading to the deposition of lustrous carbon.
The Sardhai Formation observed 40m thick and consists of dark gray to blackish gray and black carbonaceous shale while the basal parts of the Amb Formation consists of dark gray carbonaceous and calcareous shale of more than 20m thick, which is conflicting to the stratigraphic setting of the Surghar and Salt ranges.
However, these ancient rocks, called carbonaceous chondrites, are rare, so astronomers had no guarantee that this aluminum isotope was widely distributed and bore witness to events throughout the newborn solar system.
In lesser amounts, the carbonaceous materials in the gases are actually beneficial.