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Containing or yielding carbon.
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5 miles northeast of the KC Prospect, is a 500-foot wide by 1500-foot long soil gold anomaly along a high-angle structural zone that juxtaposes carbonaceous schist against a marble and schist-bearing sequence.
It should be noted that in addition to the variability in emission factors due to the level of carbonaceous additives (in this case, seacoal), differences in the volatility of different additives can introduce additional and sometimes unpredictable variability in emissions.
For the reaction, the rate of heat generation produced by burning a dC/dt amount of carbonaceous matter is given by:
Clays rich in organic material, or to which carbonaceous material has been added, will fire black in colour under reducing conditions, owing to the formation of carbon.
The book presents both fundamentals and advances towards the understanding of properties of polymer nanocomposites holding conducting carbonaceous fillers.
The study's authors knew the ratio for carbonaceous chondrites and reasoned that if they could compare that to an object that was known to crystallize while Earth was actively accreting then they could gauge when water appeared on Earth.
Or, the proto-moon and proto-Earth were showered by the same family of carbonaceous chondrites soon after they separated, said James Van Orman, professor of earth, environmental and planetary sciences at Case Western Reserve, and a co-author.
Meteorite hunters eventually recovered between 5 and 10 kilograms of a carbonaceous chondrite.
Folded Sequence in Gold- bearing Black Carbonaceous Stockwork Zone
Key statement: (1) A carbonaceous material for forming an electrically conductive composition, comprising a vapor grown carbon fiber, each fiber filament of the carbon fiber having an outer diameter of 2 to 500 nm and an aspect ratio of 10 to 15,000, or the carbon fiber containing boron in an amount of 0.
Upper Jurassic carbonaceous litho-facies, mainly of the Tithonian stage, predominate in the Shahdag region.
The researchers compare adsorption capacities of zeolites to those of a carbonaceous resin and three activated carbons, determine the effects of co-adsorbing and preloaded natural organic matter on adsorption capacities, and assess the feasibility of using alternative adsorbents.