Carbon Tax

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A proposed tax that would be levied against high consumers of heating oil, gasoline, electricity, etc., in an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
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Effects of carbon taxes on different industries by fuzzy goal programming: A case study of the petrochemical-related industries, Taiwan.
AFPM president Chet Thompson said carbon taxes would be "bad for American consumers and business.
Mr Davies said the carbon taxes were used to subsidise renewable energy schemes.
The extent to which, and even the direction of an adjustment to carbon taxes for market distortions, depends on subtle factors, such as whether there are preexisting regulatory regimes and the use of the revenues, rather than a priori economic reasoning [10].
Carbon taxes are better at fighting climate change than regulations because they would affect foreign nations, too.
Nowadays, it is necessary a tax reform which uses the public revenue from carbon taxes to reduce other taxes that distort and discourage labor or capital.
Energy and carbon taxes can raise revenue while leaving the economy in a stronger state to sustain a recovery.
I intentionally choose the word stakeholders instead of stockholders because a part of the net earnings will be transferred to other sectors of the economy in the presence of carbon taxes by the second best approach to correct the externality caused by carbon emissions.
Finance Minister Michael Noonan and his Cabinet colleague at Environment Phil Hogan are locked in discussions about an increase of between EUR3 and EUR10 a ton in carbon taxes.
Various interest groups are expressing concerns about the effects of introducing carbon taxes.
In his letter Mr Ratcliffe voiced concerns about the government's proposed changes to carbon taxes that are currently passing through Parliament.
Verifiable standard lacking "Government entities are beginning to enact carbon taxes now.