carbon dioxide elimination

car·bon di·ox·ide e·lim·i·na·tion

the rate at which carbon dioxide enters the alveolar gas from the blood, equal in the steady state to the metabolic production of carbon dioxide by tissue metabolism throughout the body; units: mL/min STPD or mmol/min.
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Brain ischemia is a primary contributor to postarrest morbidity; thus, oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide elimination (end-tidal carbon dioxide [ETCO2]) have been established as important factors for measuring CPR performance [12, 13].
The combination of systemic oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide elimination at the lungs was selected as an objective function for maximization.
To the contrary, some clinicians do not tolerate hypercapnic acidosis and use various techniques including extracorporeal carbon dioxide elimination to treat hypercapnia and acidosis.

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