carbon dioxide electrode

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car·bon di·ox·ide e·lec·trode

a glass electrode in a film of bicarbonate solution covered by a thin plastic membrane permeable to carbon dioxide but impermeable to water and electrolytes; the carbon dioxide pressure of a gas or liquid sample quickly equilibrates through the membrane and is measured in terms of the resulting pH of the bicarbonate solution, as sensed by the glass electrode; commonly used to analyze arterial blood samples for CO2.
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carbon dioxide electrode

A blood gas electrode used to measure the carbon dioxide tension (symbolized as Pco2) in blood. Its operation is based on the diffusion of carbon dioxide from the blood sample through a semipermeable membrane into a buffer solution with a subsequent change in the pH of the buffer. Synonym: Severinghaus electrode
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John W., U.S. physiologist and anesthesiologist, 1922–.
Severinghaus electrode - commonly used to analyze arterial blood samples. Synonym(s): carbon dioxide electrode
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