carbon content

carbon content

Critical care
A measure of the relative blood concentration of CO2, measured by pH electrodes, by enzymes or based on changes in pH. CO2 content is rarely measured outside of hospital settings.

Ref range
< age 2: 18–28 mmol/L.
> 2 years: venous 22–26 mmol/L.
> 2 years: arterial 22–32 mmol/L.

Decreased in
Respiratory alkalosis, hyperventilation, metabolic acidosis.
Increased in
Severe vomiting, gastric drainage, hypoventilation—e.g., emphysema or pneumonia.
The blood picks up O2 and, as it passes through the lungs, releases CO2, which, with water, are the endproducts of O2 metabolism; some of the CO2 in the blood is changed to bicarbonate (HCO3) and is excreted in the kidneys. Measurement of CO2 is part of “blood gas measurement”, which is used to evaluate the ease with which gases are exchanged through the lungs and determine the factors affecting the acid-base balance, or pH, of the blood.

Venous or arterial blood, collected in a specially sealed syringe to avoid contact with air.

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They will also have to establish the carbon content of forests with different trees and different sequestration rates.
The exception was at Ajuno, where no-till 0% residue soil had lower carbon content than the conventional tillage treatment soil.
Soil organic carbon content in these systems is comparable to marshes in other, better-studied, geographical regions.
The community retailer pledged to have less than half the national average carbon content in its electricity and reduced its CO2 emissions year-on-year to achieve the Carbon Trust standard.
In its simplest form, he explains, the tax is levied on fossil fuels at some transaction point before combustion, essentially as a sales tax based on the carbon content of the fuel.
Carbon content (kg [m.sup.2]) and C/N ratio, both at 0-30cm soil depth, were taken as indicators of, respectively, C storage and its stability in soils.
The samples contained a large amount of sediment, enabling the researchers to infer the amount of greenhouse gases that produced the carbon content and the temperature that would have resulted.
The study measures the direct and indirect carbon content of a very detailed array of South African products.
More than half of the 2,900MW facility's approximately 1 million tons/year of ash is concrete-grade, with a carbon content below 2 percent.
It has been implemented in all operating cement plants and is now being extended to concrete and aggregate plants worldwide* Tool data will yield carbon content information to begin accompanying certain Cemex products this year.
carbon black industry have led to the development of a new ASTM International standard, ASTM D7662, Test Method for Carbon Content in Carbon Black Feedstock Oils.