carbon 12

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car·bon 12 (12C),

The standard of atomic mass, 98.90% of natural carbon.
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"It's a different type of structure," said lead designer Emily Dawson, a PATH Architecture principal who also helped lead the design team for Carbon 12. "This is much more like a conventional multifamily project where we don't have a post-and-beam structure like a lot of the CLT projects going on right now."
Because methane made with carbon 12 is slightly lighter, the chemical reactions that convert it to more complex hydrocarbons happen a bit faster.
The BreathID System is a breath-test platform capable of analyzing parts-per-million changes in carbon 13 and carbon 12 ratios in a patient's breath--intended for use in the qualitative detection of urease associated with Helicobacter pylori in the human stomach and as an aid in initial diagnosis and post treatment monitoring of H pylori infection.
Held at Al Quoz's Carbon 12 gallery on April 8, representatives from Evian and Dubai Cares will attend, and all proceeds will benefit Dubai Cares in support of its efforts to provide children access to clean drinking water in schools globally."
MOLD: Clwyd Theatr Cymru ( 0845 330 3565), Welsh National Opera presents Carbon 12. 7.30pm.
(June 20) Holyhead Ucheldre The Tempest 7.30pm (June 21) Aberystwyth Arts Centre WNO presents Carbon 12 (June 25) Caernarfon Castle Twelfth Night (June 25) Conwy Castle Twelfth Night (June 26-28)
Kourosh Nouri, Director of Carbon 12, an Art Gallery in Dubai said, Aa oI participated for Earth Hour last year and itAEs great that Dubai is Aa repeating the initiative this year as well.
She went down the pits of the famous Tower Colliery, in Hirwaun, south Wales, and became embroiled in the life of the miners and their families to ensure her work, Carbon 12, was a perfect reflection of that close-knit community.
WELSH National Opera present a double bill at Wales Millennium Centre tonight with a premiere of mini-opera Carbon 12 tonight, preceded by Prokofiev's Alexander Nevsky.
"But they have different ratios of carbon 13 to carbon 12 to those that have been introduced illicitly."
There will also be An Evening of Rossini on June 18 and a double-bill of Prokofiev's Alexander Nevsky and Carbon 12, a choral celebration of South Wales's history and culture, on June 19.
This form, called carbon 12, accounts for 99 percent of all carbon (carbon 13 and 14 account for the rest).